VMware SD-WAN by Velocloud

SD WAN- Velocloud: It supports multipathing as you may have internet and MPLS, irrespective of transport since transport is not very much important now. We can build the IP sec tunnel on top of the transport to communicate from branch to branch, and to non SD wan locations.

Traditional WAN Architecture


Velocloud deployment options.

  1. Pre-installed baremetal
  2. Velocloud edge can also be deployed as virtual appliances in sddc.

MPLS services very expensive. The right SD-WAN solution using the right configuration can provide packet delivery performance similar to that of MPLS. The SD-WAN solution relies on two fully-active Internet connections (No need of and is aware of the quality of both paths at all times. Route internal traffic over the public Internet.

Simplifying deployments and reducing costs. It’s a fraction of the cost of an MPLS.

VMware SD-WAN solution as three main components.
Edge (VCE) = provides secure, optimized connectivity to private, public, and hybrid.
Orchestrator(VCO)= provides centralized configuration, installation, real time monitoring of the environment and data flows. The VeloCloud Orchestrator is available as web-based user interface, where you can configure and manage the following:
Operator Users
Gateways and Gateway Pools
Orchestrator Authentication Modes
Gateway(VCG) = provides data paths to all applications, branches, and datacenters.

VMware SD-WAN Features
Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ (DMPO)
VMware DMPO provides automatic link monitoring, auto-detection of provider and
autoconfiguration of link characteristics, routing and quality of service (QoS) settings.
VMware DMPO delivers subsecond blackout and brownout protection to improve
application availability. It remediates link degradation through FEC, activating jitter
buffering and synthetic packet production.

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