ESXTOP is the real time performance monitoring tool of Virtual Machines and ESXi Host.

By default screen will be refreshed, please change it by pressing s 2

Enter c for CPU display for the ESXi Host.

Enter h or ? to display help screen and we can customize ESXTOP screen by entering f or F

Enter m for Memory display for the ESXi Host.

Export esxtop to CSV:

esxtop -b -d 2 -n 60 > esxoutput.csv

“b” instructs esxtop to run in batch mode. “d” is the delay between iteration captures and “n” is the number of iterations, so in this tutorial we will grab statistics every two seconds, 60 times. This means we should have 120 data points in the file. The final section of the command defines the output file.
Enter will run the command and it will take 2 minutes to complete based on our iteration settings.

Use winscp to export the output from ESXi host: